What is a woman of virtue?

A woman pursuing holistic excellence, striving for excellence of character and also being sound in the Word of God. A woman of virtue is a woman seeking wholesomeness in spirit, soul and body. Thus deepening her spirituality. As a woman of virtue seeks God and serves Him, she becomes a woman of Faith, wisdom and courage. Similarly, a woman of virtue is also a person of substance, excellence, strength, mercy, grace, joy, love and peace. A woman of prayer, wealth and success is a woman of virtue. Above all, a woman of virtue seeks to be virtuous. But, what is to be virtuous? Or even, what is virtue? How is it attained?

Women of virtue

To be virtuous is to be morally excellent (that is, being first-class, valuable, superior and being the best one can be), righteous, chaste, pursuing holiness, sound-minded, pure, good inward excellent in character. The Scripture says ‘…through the knowledge of Him who called us to glory and virtue…’ 2 Peter 1:3. Virtue is attainable through faith in the Word of God. Also, virtue is a calling from God through which His name will be glorified. Unfortunately, virtue is not perfectionism or being without fault. However, virtue is an inward excellence of character. We need the Word to become women and girls of Virtue, and this virtue is attained through Jesus Christ. That is to say, to be deep in the understanding of spirituality one has to receive Christ in the heart (Galatians 5:22, 2Peter 1:1-7, Romans 10:17). In conclusion, every woman should be seeking virtue in order to succeed in life.

What is the mission for the woman of virtue?

Women of virtue have four main responsibilities; 1. Winning of souls and making disciples 2. Serving God and serving people 3. Building the church with God, thus focusing on the kingdom of God 4. Being sound, building a church filled with God’s glory and presence. Deep spirituality should be the core of the woman or women of virtue. The Word of God is power unto salvation, that is, you receive everything you need through the knowledge of Him. (That includes studying the bible.) And so, we as the Family Covenant Church Women of Virtue, are in the journey and adventure of winning souls through our functions, that is, birthdays, home preps, weddings, baby welcomes, tea parties, fashion shows, prayer meetings and evangelism to hospitals, homes, prisons, etc. In other words, great depth in spirituality should always be what forms a woman of virtue.

Proverbs 27:17 (NIV) says, ‘As iron sharpens iron; so one person sharpens another’. This scripture carries great insights with it. One of the major one being, the role of a person in another person’s life is to sharpen or watch the other person’s back. Of course in life we want people to agree with what we do and say. A woman of virtue should never be someone who always agrees with you. A virtuous woman should be a person who is willing to challenge you to be; wiser, stronger and better. Because of this, a need to form teams that challenge us to be better in every way arises. As women of virtue, we have 10 groups of such women. Groups of women who are always seeking to better themselves and their teammates, both in the physical and also in spirituality.

The 10 groups and their group theme colors are:

  1. Women of faith with theme color cream.
  2. A women of hope with theme color green.
  3. Women of love with theme color red.
  4. A women of excellence with theme color blue.
  5. Women of grace with theme color grey.
  6. A women of mercy with theme color brown.
  7. Women of favor with theme color orange.
  8. Blessed women with theme color gold.
  9. Women of strength with theme color black.
  10. A women of wisdom with theme color purple.

The main purpose of these groups is to create an environment where a woman deepens her spirituality. An environment where a woman deepens her roots in Christ as she walks in Him, Colossians 2:6-10. Be sure to be part of our women of virtue who are always looking to deepen their roots in Christ Jesus.

We invite to join us for a service whenever you’re in an area we are located. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, now and forever more. In addition to that, stay blessed.

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