Groups of the men of honor ministry

Men of honor are men who work together to accomplish one goal. The men of honor are men of greatness. Men who know who they are. To summarise who the men of honor are, and what their characteristics are, there are groups set. And you can be part of men like these. The groups of the men of honor are men of:

  • courage
  • confidence
  • clarity
  • creativity
  • competence
  • contribution
  • contribution
  • covenant
  • capacity
  • character
  • worth (clout)

Men of courage

These are men like Sila and Judah. They are not afraid to obey the Word of God. Instead, they are visionaries with a sense of purpose. The other characteristics they have are as follows. Embracing responsibility. Shouldering the Word of God. Bringing growth and increase. Also, they fight for an inspiring future bringing praise and honor to their families and lives.

Men of confidence

These are the type of men who are like Dan and Benaiah. Some of their characteristics are they;

  •  believe God and believe in themselves
  • dare great things
  • take bold steps of faith
  • confident of their God-given abilities
  • they have lion-like hearts
  • act with determination

Men of clarity

Men who are like Philip and Issachar are men of clarity. These are the type of men who:

  • have vision and discernment
  • are in tune with the Holy Spirit
  • clear in strategy and they resolve actions
  • they value time and understand times
  • think and see clearly
  • you can count on them
  • with a pleasing and encouraging attitude
  • have insight, hindsight, and foresight

Men of creativity

Philemon and Bezaleel are some of the men termed as men of creativity. They;

  • are innovative and resourceful
  • answer enemies at the gate
  • see solutions where others see problems
  • have ideas that unlock potential
  • all things are possible
  • set big goals and achieve great things
  • bring positive surprises

Men of competence

Men who are like Barnabas, Gideon, and Naphtali are men of competence. These men;

  • do things well and are marked with excellence
  • grow capabilities and capacity
  • efficient, effective and able
  • they deliver with passion
  • recognized for execution, they are simply doers of things

Men of contribution

Zebulun represents the type of men the men of contribution are. Which is, men who;

  • add value to God’s people
  • increase and multiply
  • make things better
  • you feel their presence
  • see opportunities and use them
  • they take action
  • fire-starters
  • they refresh the Saints

Men of covenant

Jonathan and Moses of the men in the bible who were men of covenant. Men of covenant are

  • dependable and trustworthy
  • live by principle
  • men of faith, who keep their word
  • organized and deliver results
  • make things happen
  • depend on God’s promises

Men of capacity

In the bible, some of the men of capacity are Stephen and Gad. These are men who;

  • are able to do what is required
  • talented and passionate
  • managers of abundance
  • accept faith challenges
  • resourced for results
  • focused
  • they follow-through

Men of character

Timothy, Samuel, and James are some of the men of character. These are the men;

  • who bear the fruits of the Spirit
  • honest, accountable and they have integrity
  • they are true to their word
  • trustworthy and responsible
  • caring and balanced are some of their characteristics

Men of worth or clout

Men like Joseph of Arimathea and Joseph are the men of worth. They are the men who;

  • bring strength and worth
  • are resourceful and are of substance
  • dependable and solid
  • burden bearers
  • advance the Kingdom

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